Thank you for your interest in “Satellite Bible College International” and our teaching material.

This website will give you an idea of how the material can be used to teach and equip the Body of Christ.

At All Africa Bible College a set of study books were developed to help former students, Pastors and Missionaries start their own Leader-training situation / Bible College, and Christian education wherever God may lead them, and in whatever form that suits the particular situation.

Each book covers a Bible College subject and comes with an examination and a correction key for the teacher.

There are currently three modules comprising 45 subjects. Some extra books have been created, and more will follow, which are not part of the three module curriculum, but can also be used. (See the list of subjects.).

We kindly encourage you to support the ministry of SBCI, with a gift or monthly donation. SBCI mainly works into Africa and other third world countries, by training men and woman to be equipped to plant living, healthy churches.

Bank details: 

Account name: Satellite Bible College International
ABSA Bank Hillcrest.  South Africa.
Branch-code: 632005
Swift code ABSAZAJJ632005
Account no. 4061948245.

The books can also be ordered from SBCI in whatever number needed, at the cost price of printing them. (With permission to copy, but not to change the contents.)

Any Bible school started with the SBCI material should have its own administration, its own name, and it is free to add its own material to the curriculum, but is welcome to work in affiliation with SBCI.

We hope that you will find this website helpful. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Greetings in Christ.

Erling Rasmussen